EightThoughts mod reportedly admits to being paid to bring gun to Drift0r's home - Dexerto

EightThoughts mod reportedly admits to being paid to bring gun to Drift0r’s home

Published: 8/Apr/2021 22:30 Updated: 9/Apr/2021 7:31

by Theo Salaun


In a direct contradiction of EightThoughts’ statements, his Discord mod, Blu, has reportedly confessed that there was a deal in place to pay him for going to Drift0r’s home with a gun.

In the fallout from FaZe Swagg and NICKMERCS discussing legal action against content creators, like EightThoughts, who make negative videos about them, more details have begun to emerge about Drift0r’s experience. 

After NICKMERCS defended Swagg from TikTok cheat accusations and was attacked on social media for getting EightThoughts’ YouTube channel taken down, Drift0r got involved as well. The popular YouTuber shared proof used in an earlier legal dispute against EightThoughts and one of his Discord mods, Blu. The situation is a very complicated one and certain claims have since been publicly disputed by EightThoughts on Twitter.


Now, though, Blu is directly contradicting a specific denial. According to Drama Alert’s KEEMSTAR, the Discord mod claims that he and the YouTuber “had a deal” in which he would receive all stream donations during a stream in which he brought a gun to Drift0r’s home. 

As Drift0r has previously explained, his litigation against EightThoughts and Blu led to the Discord mod being arrested, but little consequence for the YouTuber allegedly puppeteering his mod’s behavior. While Drift0r alleges that the armed visit to his home was orchestrated by EightThoughts, the accused publicly claimed that he “told Blu, ‘don’t’.”


KEEMSTAR’s latest report is therefore a direct contradiction of that statement. For many, it is difficult to logically equate not wanting someone to do something and offering them the opportunity to “keep stream donations” if they did do that thing. This appears to be the general reaction, as many have pointed out inconsistencies in EightThoughts’ responses.

Drift0r, too, took notice of this contradiction — as evidenced in his reply to KEEMSTAR’s tweet.

As seen in Drift0r’s response, he’s not sure that “the police have even heard about this yet.” That lack of confession would explain why Blu was arrested while EightThoughts was not. Still, until KEEMSTAR’s interview is released or made available to authorities, this remains unverified. 


When KEEMSTAR’s interview surfaces, and especially if Blu has proof of the alleged “deal,” then it is possible that this situation returns to court. However, it should be re-emphasized that nothing is proven at the moment. On the accused side, EightThoughts appears to remain steadfast in his denials based on numerous Twitter replies.

This piece will be updated as more information becomes available.