EG Manager Proves You Can Hear About Ninja's Success in the Most Unexpected Places

by Mike Kent


Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins is the world’s biggest Twitch and Fortnite streamer, and it turns out you can’t go far without seeing some kind of coverage on him.

The former professional Halo player switched to streaming full time in 2017 after realizing that he could be extremely successful playing battle royale titles on PC.


In late 2017 he began to play Fortnite full time, and in conjunction with the game blowing up in popularity in early 2018, he became quite comfortably the biggest name on Twitch.

Using his pro gamer skills, he became popular for finding creative ways to kill opponents with the full arsenal of weapons available in the game. This led to him being noticed by various celebrities who are fans of the title, including Canadian rapper, Drake.


Part of Ninja’s success, alongside just being incredible at the game, is down to the promotion of his content via social media platforms.

His wife and manager, Jessica ‘Ghosty’ Blevins, has been one of the masterminds behind the Ninja project and as a result he has featured at high profile events and on television channels across the globe.


To show the extent of his popularity, former Halo coach and EG manager, Ryan Towey, uploaded a video from a gas station unit that appeared when he was filling up his car.

The news anchor was discussing Ninja and how he makes so much money. Towey Tweeted out the video with the caption 

“It doesn’t matter where you go, it doesn’t matter if you’re offline. @Ninja will find you”.