Ed Sheeran & Aitch are taking over TikTok with wholesome ‘My G’ sound

my g ed sheeren aitchYouTube: Aitch

Recent song ‘My G’ has been taking over TikTok, trending as the latest viral hit sound, and resulting in some of the most wholesome and well-intended content on the internet. This is largely thanks to Aitch and Ed Sheeran’s message shared in the record.

TikTok has a reputation for often holding some shallow content, but the viral sound “My G” and the content that has resulted from it is far from the norm.

Aitch and Ed Sheeran’s new song celebrates Aitch’s little sister, who is a child with Down Syndrome, while increasing awareness for the syndrome and raising funds for the Down’s Syndrome Association.

On Aitch’s own Tiktok video, he took a selfie video with his sister while telling her, “I made a song about you on my album.”

The two siblings proceeded to giggle and share some words with each other — and the wholesome TikTok came to an end.

These two siblings are clearly very close, but the reel out of context can be easily confusing for the uninformed viewer. One might even wonder, from the reel alone, ‘how is this viral?’ or ‘what’s going on here?’

Though Aitch doesn’t share many words in the TikTok reel, the song itself is a whole other story.

Ed Sheeren and Aitch’s collaborative effort results in some beautiful artwork — one that can easily make a grown man cry.

The goal of the song is to raise awareness and funds for the Down’s Syndrome Association. Aitch’s rap, Ed Sheeran’s cords and vocals, and the genuine love and spirit poured into the song create a special message.

The best way to understand the context is simply by listening to the song yourself.

The comments are full of resounding support for Aitch’s work. One fan replied: “Big up brother, I’m a father of a down syndrome child and honestly she’s made me the man I am today! Big love.”

Many others used the sound to share their Down Syndrome stories, while expressing thanks to Aitch for essentially creating a trend that allows them to do so.

The new hit sound already has over 3,000 videos using it as a background – a number which is sure to increase as the song touches more and more hearts around the world.