Echo Fox's Mew2King With the Strangest Celebration of All Time Following Major Tournament Victory

by Ross Deason


Echo Fox’s Jason "Mew2King" Zimmerman topped off an incredible run at Smash Summit 6 to win the whole event, and nobody was more surprised than him.

Nobody would have put money on veteran player Me2King winning the Super Smash Bros. Melee at Smash Summit 6, not even the player himself.


The 16 player tournament brought together the world’s best Melee players but the bracket was full of surprises and finished with the 29 year old Echo Fox man picking up his first supermajor victory in over a decade.

Mew2King had to defeat Adam ‘Armada’ Lingren, William ‘Leffen’ Hjelte, Zain ‘Zain’ Naghmi, and then Armada a second time in the Grand Final to claim to title  - not a list of names to be sneered at.


This marked Mew2King’s first major tournament win with all of Melee’s current “gods” in attendance and the moment seemed to take him totally by surprise.

As the game comes to a close Mew2King can be seen looking around in wide-eyes disbelief as Armada tries to congratulate him. It doesn’t stop there, though, the veteran player remains entirely mute for well over a minute.


In a later interview his shock continued to speak volumes. When asked whether he had believed there was another set to play, or had simply not known that he had won, he responded with:

“No, I was just like wait that doesn’t happen, I always don’t win. So it actually happening was like wait a minute. I mean I’ve always known I was good enough but the I never do it. I was like… oh, I did it.”