Dumpster diver splits viewers after finding “still warm” pizza in trash

TikToker finds pizza in the dumpsterTikTok: dd_adventures/Unsplash: @jellyhouse

A TikToker known for dumpster diving has gone viral after finding Pizza Hut pizza in the trash that was still warm, and viewers don’t know what to think about it.

Those who are brave enough to search through trash may often leave without anything of value, but sometimes one may find dozens of brand-new bicycles.

Other times, someone searching through the right trash cans could find perfectly good food to eat.

A TikToker that is known for sharing their adventures while dumpster diving recently found full large pizzas in the trash behind Pizza Hut, and viewers don’t know what to think about it.

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Dumpster diver finds “still warm” pizza in the trash

The TikToker, dd_adventures, posted the video in early January and quickly got the attention of users on the platform.

“Okay, we found these two pizzas in the dumpster and they’re still warm,” said the person behind the camera.

One of the pizzas appeared to be ham and pineapple, which in this writer’s opinion deserves to stay where they found it.

As the video gained traction on TikTok, many took to the comments to share their thoughts as well.

“I ate pizza from the dumpster before, we found it pretty good,” one user commented.

Another user replied: “Must of been pizzas they messed up, the hot boxes at Pizza Hut make the pizzas look awful.”

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“Oh hell no I wouldn’t trust that you don’t know something could be on that pizza but good luck eating it,” said a third viewer.

It’s unknown what the TikToker actually did with the pizza after filming the video, as they haven’t uploaded a follow-up.

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