DrLupo briefly banned on Mixer for impersonating himself

Epic Games / Mixer

Superstar Twitch streamer Ben ‘DrLupo‘ Lupo was temporarily banned on Microsoft’s streaming platform Mixer for impersonation. 

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Mixer has been in the headlines over the past few days after Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins recently made the switch to the platform from Twitch and will stream exclusively on there for the foreseeable future. 

However, for Ninja’s good friend DrLupo, the experience with Mixer has been less than ideal, after the popular personality found his account banned on August 4. 

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According to an email sent to him on the matter, access to his account had been removed after their investigation led to the conclusion that he was trying to impersonate DrLupo, despite the account owner and the streamer being one and the same person. 

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“On a more hilarious note for the day, I just got banned from Mixer for impersonation of myself,” he tweeted.

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According to Mixer’s official Rules of User Conduct, impersonation is considered a “more extreme” rule violation, and those found guilty have a “much higher chance of resulting in a global ban.”

Do not impersonate staff or other streamers. Having similar names is not automatically impersonation but should be avoided especially if one of the users is a partner, staff or other “known” personality.

Of course, considering that this instance was clearly not one of those cases, Mixer removed the ban on the account shortly thereafter, likely embarrassed after having been called out on their awkward mistake in front of over a million of DrLupo’s Twitter followers. 

In light of Ninja’s recent switch to Mixer, many were quick to jump to conclusions upon seeing Lupo’s tweet, even questioning whether he was allowed to have an account on the platform, considering that he was such a prominent Twitch partner.

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However, the streamer clarified that he was allowed to make an account, as long as it was for talking in chats, which was corroborated with an affirmative response from Mixer’s own Twitter account.

“I just have an account so I can talk in people’s chats,” he explained. “That’s allowed, and frankly, probably encouraged.”