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Drift0r Vents His Frustration at Fortnite YouTube Clickbait

Published: 1/May/2018 20:02 Updated: 14/Mar/2019 13:06

by Calum Patterson


One of the most popular gaming YouTubers, Brad “Drift0r” Overbey has explained his growing frustration with the state of Fortnite related YouTube content, particularly the issue of clickbait.

Drift0r, who is perhaps best known for his Call of Duty related videos, has like many other gaming channels shifted focused partially on to the hottest topic in games right now – Fortnite Battle Royale.

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Fortnite of course is currently the most popular game in the world currently, both in terms of the number of people playing, as well as the number of people watching content (live streams, YouTube videos etc.).


And the chief concern with many of these content creators is shifting, according to Drift0r, from being focused on important updates, interesting gameplay and news, to simply generating as many views as possible – without any real information or anything related to the title or thumbnail included.

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This obviously is not a new phenomenon birthed with the emergence of Fortnite, clickbait has been an issue on YouTube for years, but Drift0r sees the problem as worsened with the battle royale game.

In the most recent Dexerto Talk Show, Drift0r explains that the audience of Fortnite YouTube content seem much more willing to put up with clickbait than in other communities.


“I legitimately do not watch Fortnite YouTube, I do not participate in it, because my anger levels literally can’t handle it because of the amount of clickbait or fake content.

Fortnite is a very special animal. Because in almost any other gaming community, that would run its course. You could do a couple of clickbait videos, and it’s done.

The Fortnite community does not seem to care at all, what the content of the video is, as long as it has some Fortnite in it. All of the title, the thumbnail, the periphery, the content or lack thereof does not matter.

I could make a video tomorrow called ‘Dinosaurs in Fortnite’, and I can talk about nothing in the video – and not many people care. You can’t do that in CoD, you can’t do that in League of Legends, you can’t do it for Rainbow 6 or Overwatch or even Minecraft.”

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He also made his feelings more concise via Twitter.

With such a sharp increase in popularity for a single game, it is possible that this content will eventually fizzle out, however it certainly has become a serious problem for those in search of actually informative videos about Fortnite.

Drift0r still posts Fortnite content regularly, but you can rest assured you will not be subject to any nasty clickbait while browsing through his uploads.

You can watch our full interview with Drift0r below, with discussion of Fortnite clickbait at around the 1:30 minute mark.