Dream superfans hit Kaceytron with TikTok ‘blood magic’ curse as feud continues

KaceyTron and DreamTwitter: KaceyTron/Dream

As the beef between Kaceytron, Dream, and fans of the Minecraft YouTuber rolls on, it’s taken a strange turn as someone decided to place a curse on the streamer through TikTok. 

For the past few months, Kaceytron, Dream, and fans of the Minecraft YouTuber have been embroiled in a bizarre feud that has seen Dream’s fans go after the content creator through a number of different avenues.

While the YouTuber has denounced those fans who have attacked her, they’ve dug up old tweets and tried to get her banned from numerous platforms through mass reporting.

Now, the feud has taken a slightly bizarre turn after the Twitch streamer revealed that she’d been ‘cursed’ by a TikTok from a Dream fan.

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Kaceytron, TwitchKaceytron, Twitch
KaceyTron is a veteran Twitch streamer.

On May 16, Kaceytron shared the unusual TikTok on Twitter, which shows a Dream fan ‘cursing’ her in response to Kaceytron’s sister saying she’d ‘hex’ Dream fans.

“This does not wear off. It does not go away. It is tied to both her and I,” reads one of the captions used in the TikTok.

The streamer was, of course, taken aback by it but decided to have some fun too. “I blame all of my poor judgement on the fact that Stans have been cursing/hexxing me for weeks now,” she said. “I was not in the right state of mind. It is not my fault that I fell weak to magic this strong.”

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Plenty of the responses were baffled by the video, mocking the post, but others also apologized to Kacey for dealing with “constant hate.”

It remains to be seen where the feud will go next, but it surely can’t get any stranger than a curse.