Dream superfan ecstatic after Minecraft star buys her a new car

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Dream buys superfan new car
Twitter: perlawastaken / Dream

Popular Minecraft creator ‘Dream’ bought a car for one of his biggest fans — and she couldn’t be more excited about it.

Dream is one of the most popular Minecraft-centric influencers on the internet.

Boasting over 29 million YouTube subscribers and over 800k followers on Twitch, Dream is also in charge of one of the most popular survival multiplayer Minecraft servers — the premier online destination for a slew of other major internet stars.

With so many fans, it seems like it would be difficult for such a renowned YouTuber to pay attention to all of his admirers… but he’s shown just how attentive he is to his fanbase with his latest gesture.

Dream stands in front of a tree
Instagram: dreamwastaken
Dream is a ‘faceless’ content creator. He avoids showing his face online and instead wears a mask in photos.

Dream buys his fan a new car

On May 20, a Twitter user and Dream superfan named Perla revealed that Dream had bought her a new car, posting a selfie showing herself posing next to a black Toyota sedan.

That’s not all; in honor of the influencer, Perla named the car ‘the Dream mobile’ — a fitting title, even if the car isn’t green.

“Nothing I can say or do could ever show how thankful I am for this opportunity,” she wrote in a thread on Twitter. “From the bottom of my heart thank you Dream. You’ve made a huge impact in my life.”

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