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Dream sparks Twitter outrage over comments on doxxing

Published: 14/Apr/2022 18:07 Updated: 14/Apr/2022 19:40

by Virginia Glaze


Minecraft star ‘Dream’ is facing backlash on social media after making divisive comments about doxxing during a recent Twitch stream.

Dream is one of the biggest Minecraft streamers on the internet right now.

Known as a ‘faceless’ content creator, Dream has never shown his face online of his own volition, despite attempts from internet trolls to reveal his identity in the past.

It’s unclear if Dream himself was a victim of doxxing in that event, but it’s not an uncommon occurrence for influencers, especially those of the ‘faceless variety;’ last year, Corpse Husband was at the center ‘face reveal’ rumors when fans allegedly got hold of an older picture of the music artist.


Dream avatar on a green background
YouTube: Dream
Dream hasn’t shown his face online, using this simple drawing as his profile image.

Dream recently spoke out regarding doxxing — the act of leaking someone’s personal information online, arguing that those with smaller social media followings don’t need to stress about the ordeal.

“I’m just gonna express that, if you are a person on Twitter and you have seven followers and you get doxxed on Twitter, the odds of you having something happen to you in your life are so astronomically small it’s not even worth worrying about,” he said in a Twitch stream.

“It’s not even worth it remotely. Everybody that I know that is a creator has had their address leaked, has had their name leaked, has had everything leaked about them. It’s very rare to have things actually happen.”


Dream made these comments after going over some of his tweets with fans, one of them being an explanation of a post he made “mocking homophobia in clear support of gay people.”

Dream under fire for doxxing comments

Dream’s comments regarding doxxing have stirred up outrage online, with netizens arguing that having one’s personal information leaked is cause for concern, no matter who you are.

“Small chance or not, it’s personal information being put online,” one user said of the situation. “It is terrifying regardless of the situation and shouldn’t be downplayed like this.”

“Isn’t doxxing literally illegal?” another fan asked. “’If someone does this illegal thing to you, just ignore it, it’s fine, nothing bad will happen.’”


Dream responds to controversy over “doxxing” comments

Dream has since responded to the ongoing controversy, posting the entire clip of his statement where he made sure to clarify that doxxing is “horrible” and disavowed the practice.

“If you participate in doxxing of people, if you participate in harassing and threatening people, you are not welcome in my community,” the streamer said. “You are not a part of my community. And I do not like you.”

His latest comments follow a viral tweet he made addressing his sexuality just two days prior.