Dream slams TikTok after GeorgeNotFound gets banned for third time

Dream slams TikTok for GeorgeNotFound banYouTube: GeorgeNotFound / Instagram: dreamwastaken

Minecraft star Dream isn’t taking any nonsense from TikTok after the viral video platform banned fellow influencer GeorgeNotFound for the third time in half a year.

GeorgeNotFound is a hugely popular content creator in the Minecraft fan base. Boasting over 9 million YouTube subscribers, the influencer is known for running in circles with the likes of Dream, another huge presence in the game’s community with over 26 million subs.

While both creators put out content on various platforms, George’s success on TikTok has been met with some major roadblocks, as the platform has banned him a total of three times.

George was first banned from TikTok in February 2021, prompting Twitter to erupt with a #FreeGeorge hashtag imploring the site to unban him. He was banned a second time in August, causing him to warn the platform that he’d quit TikTok for good if he was banned again.

It looks like George will have to live up to his words, as he has, once again, been hit with a TikTok ban as of September — not even a month after his second ban.

This latest suspension caused fellow creator Dream to slam TikTok for its repeated bans against his buddy in a pointed Tweet.

“Because George is too nice @tiktok_us fix your f**king s**t,” he wrote. “He’s been banned three times, had 3 of his last 4 TikToks removed for guideline strikes he didn’t commit, and gets a generic response any time he contacts support. Help him, you morons.”

George responded to Dream’s post by confirming that he had been banned for a “false” guideline strike… although his reaction was decidedly more lighthearted.

“Carried a 65 lb backpack around for 2 hours to make a TikTok just for it to get removed for a FALSE guideline strike after 9 hours when it had 6m views,” he explained, adding photos of “shoulder bruises” from carrying the backpack around.

This has, once again, sparked outrage against TikTok within the Minecraft community, with users across Twitter tagging the platform in an attempt to get him reinstated on the video platform.

For now, we’ll just have to wait and see if the TikTok gods are feeling gracious or vindictive… particularly toward influencers of the Minecraft variety.