Dream says PewDiePie used him for "clickbait" with video about cheating scandal - Dexerto

Dream says PewDiePie used him for “clickbait” with video about cheating scandal

Published: 17/Jul/2021 12:47

by Calum Patterson


Minecraft superstar Dream has responded to PewDiePie’s take on his infamous cheating controversy, claiming that the most-subscribed YouTuber on the platform was “using me for clickbait.”

The YouTuber explained that this was YouTube coming full circle – as he had previously used PewDiePie for clickbait when he was a smaller creator.

Now, with over 24 million subscribers in a ridiculously fast timeframe, it’s Dream’s name that is pulling in the views, demonstrated by PewDiePie’s July 15 video.

PewDiePie playing Minecraft
YouTube: PewDiePie
The Swedish star gave his thoughts on Dream’s Minecraft scandal.

Titled ‘Top 10 Streamers Caught Cheating’, the thumbnail featured Dream’s name and logo, and has already racked up 3 million views. However, PewDiePie doesn’t actually spend all that much time talking about Dream’s cheating controversy.


Pewds concluded that while Dream shouldn’t have done it, he argued that “he isn’t as bad as other [cheaters] though.”

Dream was quick to respond though, writing on Twitter, “starts with me using PewDiePie for clickbait and ends up with him using me for clickbait POG. The circle of YouTube.”

He was quick to make clear that it wasn’t an attack on PewDiePie, but simply an observation. “No hard feelings,” he said, “it’s all cool.”

And Dream has certainly used PewDiePie in more than his fair share of videos on his own channel. On his main channel, there are five videos that feature PewDiePie’s name and/or face in the thumbnail.


Dream is likely just amazed at how far he has come in his YouTube career, that now even the most popular person on the entire website is using his name in the thumbnail of videos.

And, at the rate Dream’s channel is growing, it might not actually be long until he’s catching up with PewDiePie. He has gained over 21 million subscribers in only 12 months – but this would still be a few years away from catching up on PewDiePie’s 110 million.