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Dream roasts Andrea Botez’s chess advice to actress Alexandra Daddario

Published: 13/May/2022 16:59

by Michael Gwilliam


Minecraft streamer Dream embarrassed Twitch chess sensation Andrea Botez after the Envy star gave a potentially match-winning chess tip to Hollywood actress Alexandra Daddario.

The Twitch chess scene has spawned some of the platform’s top creators such as The Botez Sisters, GMHikaru, and GothamChess to name a few.

With such popularity comes room for possible collaborations with just about anyone and for Andrea Botez, she spotted an opportunity in the form of actress Alexandra Daddario.

On May 10, the True Detective Season icon inquired about her chess play, posting a picture of her game board. Despite Andrea Botez seeing a glorious opportunity to help her, Dream was right there to shut down the advice.


Dream steals Andrea Botez’s “moment” with Alexandra Daddario

After analyzing Daddario’s pieces, Andrea noticed that she had an opportunity to take her opponent’s Queen in a major error.

“Alexandra it looks like your opponent is about to Botez gambit,” Andrea replied, referencing the infamous term for blundering a Queen.

Before the actress could respond, Dream chimed in, suggesting that the chess streamer was commenting to the wrong Alexandra.

“This isn’t your sister. You replied to the wrong person, Andrea,” the Minecraft star joked.

“Dream, go away. You’re stealing my moment,” the Envy content creator shot back.

Unfortunately for Andrea, it doesn’t seem like the actress saw her suggestion and hasn’t posted an update about her chess match since, though it’s not clear if Dream was to blame for the lack of interaction. Consider it a stalemate.