Dream responds to claims he “rigged” new Minecraft mob vote

Dream avatar on a green backgroundYouTube: Dream

YouTuber Dream has responded to accusations that he “rigged” this year’s poll for the new Minecraft mob, after the claims started gaining traction on TikTok.

Dream is a YouTuber with over 26 million subscribers, who is best known for his content about Minecraft, particularly the Dream SMP which features some of the community’s most popular creators.

However, as a result of his huge following, he also tends to catch the attention of those who are less than fond of the star.

After Minecraft announced this year’s poll for a new mod to be added to the game, Dream joked, “I’m going to rig it,” which led to a flood of backlash under the hashtag #DreamShutTheF**kUp. Some even planned to mass report the YouTuber across different platforms on the day of the vote, October 16.

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On October 14, Dream addressed some of the backlash. “As much as it is funny to joke about people getting deathly mad at a block game, I won’t be advocating for any mob as I understand why some people would be upset with me jokingly influencing the vote last year,” he wrote.

However, despite addressing it, after the vote on October 16, there were still some people claiming that he had “rigged” it.

On October 17, he then responded to this fresh wave of accusations with a new tweet.

“I was literally suspended on Twitter for 24 hours and then didn’t tweet anything during the entire mob vote day and there’s still TikTok’s with hundreds of thousands of [likes] saying I rigged the vote again,” he said, alongside a meme.

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Fans were still fully supportive of the creator, however, with some suggesting that no matter what Dream did, he still would have been accused of tampering with the vote.

His new tweet now has over 110,000 likes, as rumors over on TikTok continue to swirl.