Dream responds after John Swan finally admits impersonating him in messages

Dream and John SwanYouTube: Dream / John Swan

YouTuber John Swan has finally admitted to being the impersonator behind fake Dream accounts on Discord, saying he is ashamed of his actions. Dream says he’s happy the situation is over, but is disappointed in Swan.

Earlier in February, drama swirled around Minecraft YouTuber Dream, as users made fake accounts pretending to be him and then posted heinous messages, particularly on Discord.

This was then linked to John Swan, another YouTuber over 150,000 subscribers. After Dream called Swan out for being behind the profiles and the messages, Swan retorted by claiming Dream was trying to “smear” his name.

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Now, Swan has admitted and taken “full responsibility” for his actions, in a lengthy Twitter post on February 27.

Dream's loog on a yellow background with the Soundcloud logoYouTube: Dream/SoundCloud
The fake messages were also posted on SoundCloud.

John Swan admits Dream messages

In his post, captioned “taking accountability”, Swan says “there is no excuse for what I did and I take full responsibility.”

“I panicked. I told a lie and thought it would never get brought back up again. I was wrong.

“…I should have just said it was me all along, but I didn’t. I dug myself deeper and deeper, and I got caught up with everything. I lied about a massive creator and I’m sorry. There is no excuse.”

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Dream responds to John Swan

Following his admission, Dream thanked Swan for taking responsibility, plainly replying: “Thank you for the apology and confession.”

Shortly before Swan’s post, Dream had posted a lengthy Twitter thread confirming that Swan was behind the whole thing.

“I’m glad this has come to an end, but severely disappointed in John Swan for continuing to lie about me, despite me giving him multiple opportunities to tell the truth. I would like an apology to me and my community from John Swan, but I’ll probably not get one.”

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He retracted the apology statement, following Swan’s post.

Swan says he would have made a video about it instead of a Twitter post, but is unable as he is traveling currently. It’s likely that he will release a video upon returning.

His channel currently has 176,000 subscribers – eyes will be on that count either increasing or decreasing as fans make their minds up about the situation. Meanwhile, Dream’s channel continues to blow up, currently on 18.7 million subscribers.

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