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Dream responds after alt Twitch account is banned

Published: 3/May/2022 12:56 Updated: 3/May/2022 12:58

by Sam Comrie


Minecraft streamer Dream has been banned from Twitch on his alt account, though the reasons for his suspension have yet to be officially confirmed. 

When it comes to Minecraft you’d be hard-pressed not to come across streaming superstar Dream. Dominating the Mojang Studios-created game on Twitch and YouTube, the content creator is just shy of 30 million subscribers on the latter.

While the Minecraft streamer has a substantial following on his main accounts, Dream has found himself banned from his alt Twitch account.

Dream under fire for comments on doxxing
Instagram: dreamwastaken
Dream is one of the world’s leading Minecraft content creators.

Dream’s alt Twitch account banned amid rumored DMCA claims

It’s a running joke among Dream fans the Minecraft streamer has dozens of secret accounts, but his most active alt account is ‘dreamwastaken’.


However, this Twitch account has been banned as of May 3 due to a “violation of Twitch’s Community Guidelines” which may have stemmed from the creator playing various clips of music, according to his fan base.

Redditor GodIsMurdoc replied to fans of Dream that were confused by Twitch’s decision, stating “he played the song Heat Waves on stream, most likely got DMCAd for that.”

Heat Waves is a song by British group Glass Animals and has found life on TikTok, while remixes based around Dream have also spawned from the catchy tune.

Another Redditor questioned Twitch’s stance too, referencing the Dream-inspired remix: “Smh he got DMCAed for a song that’s about him?”


An image of minecraft streamer Dream
Reddit: JustALazyGamer, Dream
Dream took a moment to see the funny side of the Twitch ban.

Despite the setback for Dream, it appears he has taken the ban in his stride, as he was seen joking and replying to the news.