Dream reacts to massive YouTube milestone and the internet loves it

Joe Craven
Dream stands in front of a treeInstagram: dreamwastaken

Massively popular Minecraft creator and Twitch streamer Dream has reacted to smashing a huge YouTube milestone, and the internet has been loving his success.

Dream is one of the biggest fish in the giant pond that is YouTube, Twitch, and gaming. The Minecraft creator boasts one of the largest and most dedicated followings on the internet, sitting at well over 6 million followers on the Amazon-owned streaming platform.

He and his fans regularly interact in unique ways, with one viewer even sporting a new car thanks to the creator’s generosity.

He also boasts one of YouTube’s biggest followings and, in early August, hit a major milestone on the video-sharing site.

Dream shares heartfelt words after hitting major YouTube milestone

The milestone in question is 30 million subscribers, making Dream one of the most popular creators on the platform.

He had some grateful and heartfelt words for his fans upon hitting it. An August 7 tweet said: “30 MILLION subscribers on Youtube. We did it. I can’t imagine the smile on kid me’s face. I don’t have to though because that kid still exists inside me, and the smile is massive. Thank you for helping me live my dream every day. Thank you for making me feel like a kid again.”

Tributes and words of praise flooded in from across the internet, with Australian YouTube star Lazarbeam one of many to offer his congratulations.

Similarly, Twitch streamer Captain Puffy offered some kind words, saying: “I’m sure little Dream would’ve looked up to you and would’ve been proud of everything you’ve accomplished, I know we all are!”

One viewer joked that Dream is close to being able to ‘ratio’ Canada, which has a population just over 38 million.

We’re not sure whether Dream is interested in ratio-ing the North American nation, but it goes some way to putting his monumental achievement into perspective.