Dream ratios Jake Paul with hilarious boxing challenge amid UFC drama

Alex Tsiaoussidis
Instagram: Jake Paul / YouTube: Anthony Padilla

Minecraft YouTuber Dream chimed into Jake Paul’s ongoing feud with UFC President Dana White by pitching a hilarious boxing challenge of his own, ratioing him in the process.

Tensions between Jake Paul and Dana White reached boiling point after the YouTuber-turned-boxer challenged the UFC President to increase fighter pay and provide long-term healthcare within his organization.

Paul also said he’d retire from boxing immediately and have one last showdown with Jorge Masvidal in the octagon. White responded by calling Paul a “cheater” and challenging him to do a steroid test, which he accepted.

However, their beef was temporarily overshadowed by Dream, The Game Awards 2021 Content Creator of the Year, after he responded to Paul’s latest comments with a challenge of his own. He wants to”kick his ass.”

Dream poses for an Instagram picture
Instagram: dreamwastaken
It’s not the first time Dream has ‘ratioed’ someone on Twitter.

“Three days left on my offer Dana,” wrote Paul. “I’ll retire from boxing forever. You’re running out of time.”

Dream popped in out of nowhere, saying: “I could kick your ass” – implying that he’s keen to lock horns in the ring.

His response accrued a massive 1,500 retweets and 50,000 likes compared to Paul’s 275 retweets and 15,000 likes, thereby ‘ratioing’ him in the process.

This wasn’t the end of their exchange, by far. Jake Paul went on to respond to Dream, joking that he “won Minecraft before you were born, keep Dream’in.”

This led to a slew of exchanges on Twitter, with YouTuber Sapnap asking if Dream thought he could beat Jake in the ring.

“Yeah man, you got it,” Dream said. “You’d beat his dad up, too.”

This remark didn’t go past Jake’s noticed, who responded to the claim: “I’ll out speed run both of you pu$$ies.”


It’s not the first time Dream has ratioed someone on social media.

In February 2021, he ratioed the official Wendy’s Twitter account along with Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson and fellow Minecrafter GeorgeNotFound.

While it’s unlikely that we’ll ever see an actual boxing match between these two social media giants, it certainly makes for an interesting encounter that no one saw coming.