Dream opens up on his sexuality amid speculation from fans - Dexerto

Dream opens up on his sexuality amid speculation from fans

Published: 12/Apr/2022 7:29 Updated: 13/Apr/2022 14:44

by Dave Deiley


Dream has lit a fire under discourse around his sexuality. Long been discussed, the YouTuber took to Twitter with a simple pronouncement that fans are pulling apart word by word and analyzing to the extreme.

Dream is the poster boy for Minecraft YouTube. With more than 29 million subscribers on his personal channel, everything he does is leapt upon and fiended for by his hyper-passionate fanbase.

Sparking up fresh discussion, he took to Twitter to address discussions around his sexuality, giving out a smattering of details in his signature cryptic style.

“I’m not gay, I think women are very attractive, some men are ok too I guess,” tweeted the YouTuber to his 4.9 million Twitter followers, and from there, the retweets and comments took off.


This isn’t the first time that Dream has caused a storm with romantic discussions, after recently providing support for ‘Toxic shippers’ in his community.

Fans and fellow content creators took Dream’s words and have started fierce discussions about what it could mean. With focus heavily upon the idea that ‘women are very attractive’ pigeonhole’s the YouTuber as straight.

“Told you so” quote tweeted fellow content creator ‘KaceyTron.’

In opposition to the idea that this single tweet defined anything about Dream’s preferences, there is also strong argument against the idea that “not gay” is the same as hardcore straight.


Multiple people in the comments section opened up the concept of labels in rejection of a sexual binary. “I’m not gay ≠ straight” becoming a rallying call for anyone wanting to bring awareness to the wide spectrum of sexuality.

With Dream keeping his sexual identity out of the public eye for so long, it makes sense that he’s stoking discussion in the least direct way possible.

Garnering support for the his words, whatever they may mean, fellow YouTuber and collaborator MrBeast threw his significant presence behind Dream in the simplest and clearest way possible. “Vouch