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Dream hits out at “hateful” backlash after misinterpreted sarcastic tweets

Published: 26/Mar/2022 14:35

by Shay Robson


Minecraft YouTube star Dream has once again blasted his fans after complaints about how he uses tone in his tweets that lead to misunderstandings.

Dream is undoubtedly one of the biggest stars in the new era of YouTube. Particularly, the Minecrafter is known for being the founder of the popular Dream SMP server – and he’s amassed an impressive army of over 28M subscribers to date.

However, his dedicated fandom has proved to cause issues – with him having to step in and fire back at his own community he’s grown. Now, with his fans complaining about his tweets, he’s once again had to put them on blast.


Dream poses for an Instagram picture
Instagram: dreamwastaken
Dream is one of the biggest stars on YouTube with over 28M subscribers.

On March 23, the Minecraft YouTube king hit out at his followers for misinterpreting his sarcastic tweets as being serious and using them against him.

“If I see one more person taking something sarcastic that I say in a serious way and using it as an attack on my character, I might just sign up to be sent to Mars because this planet has no hope,” he wrote.

However, fans hit back at Dream for not making the tone of his tweets clear enough which leads to misunderstandings in the first place. But, the Minecraft star continued by blasting his community for calling him out when he does make the tone clear.


“Tone tags are great and I should use them more,” Dream agreed. “But, the amount of times I get attacked for using them ‘he literally just put /s to make his a**holeness sound like a joke.’ People that don’t like me will take it as seriously regardless and the other way around.”

Dream added: “It goes both ways. If I’m being an a**hole, sometimes my fans will defend me and give me the benefit of doubt.

If I’m being sarcastic or making a joke, people that dislike me will assume I’m being an a**hole and slaughter me. Goes both ways, one has hateful intent though.”


As of now, the YouTube sensation continues to grow with no signs of slowing down. Hopefully, small misunderstandings like these become less regular.