Dream hits back over criticism of his political views from childhood

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Twitch streamer Dream clapped back at a Twitter user after he was called a “closeted republican” based on things he said during his teenage years.

Andrew Tate has taken over the news with his wild takes, and debates with various Twitch streamers like Adin Ross and xQc.

On July 21, Tate was talking to Fortnite Pro’s Clix and Bucke on stream when Hasan joined. Mere minutes later, Tate requested that Hasan be removed from the stream — prompting the political streamer to call Andrew Tate a “baby.”

Dream jokingly replied to one of Hasan’s tweets about the encounter, but was forced to clap back at another user calling him a “closeted Republican.”

Dream claps back at Twitter user

On the evening of July 21, Hasan tweeted: “no wonder Andrew Tate had to quit kickboxing, my man’s frame shattered after I asked 2 questions about his business lmao.”

Dream jokingly responded with a tweet mocking Tate: “Maybe women are just so incredibly attracted to his top g energy that they wreck every time they’re in the car with him. You falling off tbh. Btw, here’s my twitch prime affiliate link subscribe for more top g energy if you’re not a beta male LMFAO.”

Minutes later, a Twitter user replied to Dream and claimed that because he’s a “closeted Republican,” he probably likes Andrew Tate.

Dream quickly clapped back to the user with a sarcastic response: “you’re right. All the anti-gay, anti-abortion, anti-trans, anti-women, anti-everything that I and my community spew every day proves it.

“Oh wait, you’re saying that because of doxed Reddit posts from when I was 15 and couldn’t even vote, not every public word I have spoken since.”

He added: “Sick of this idiotic take, let people change their views from when they were a kid, or f*ck off and stand by everything you’ve ever said in your entire life. Get rid of your hate b*ner and think logically for once in your life”

Fans quickly began replying in support of Dream, saying that it’s “weird” how people judge someone on what they did or said 6-7 years ago.

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