Dream hits back at fans who are claiming his new merchandise is “too plain”

Instagram: dreamwastaken

YouTube star Dream is all about keeping things simple. His logo is the epitome of that: just a plainly drawn smile. However, this hasn’t stopped some fans complaining his merch is too “plain;” something he hasn’t taken laying down.

Dream’s merch has been a massive hit with fans. After all, with tens of millions of YouTube subscribers, there was certainly the clientele for this.

However, that hasn’t stopped some fans for wishing there was a little bit more. Most of the designs are just simple renditions of his smiley logo on white, black, and fluro green backgrounds.

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Dream’s aesthetic is simple, and that’s reflected in his merch.

Dream doesn’t believe it needs to be any more complex though, responding to those complaints from fans in a pretty hilarious Twitter thread.

“People be like ‘Dream’s merch is just a smiley face it’s boring.’ This you,” he said, taking a jab at hypebeasts who wear exclusively Nike, Supreme, and Adidas.

However, the YouTuber also pointed out the serious business side of things. The simplistic design may be easy to recreate, but there’s an entire business model behind it to make sure Dream fans get the best quality merch possible.

“‘I could draw it in paint.’ Could you also have a facility ship tens of thousands of orders, have a website, hire and maintain tens of people with good conditions, get all the high quality printing equipment, customer support, etc?”

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“Draw it in paint then,” he added.

The irony of that wasn’t lost on Dream either. “This is extra funny because the smile was literally drawn in paint and that’s the point,” he concluded.

Regardless of the design, Dream’s merch will always sell like hotcakes. However, if fans are looking for a little bit more, they have to be mindful that’s not in the YouTuber’s interests.

After all, as he put it, “a lot of people’s favorite stuff to wear is simple.” It doesn’t need to be anything more.