Dream fans are obsessed with Minecraft YouTuber’s new “Mask” song

dream mask song fans loveDream / Pexels, anna-m

From taking over YouTube with Minecraft content to dropping a debut single, Dream’s emotional “Mask” pop song has impressed non-fans while sending his stans into a joyous delirium. 

If you were wondering if the masked Dream has talents outside of Minecraft, or even if you were wondering what the mask itself was all about, you should now have some answers. The man behind the Dream Minecraft SMP server has released an introspective, catchy pop song called “Mask” and fans are delighted.

The single, which couples alt-rock 2000s energy with radio-ready pop music, has already made waves. Within less than a day since its release, “Mask” has already surged into the top 10 of iTunes’ US chart and well past two million views on its YouTube lyrics video. 

And those lyrics are exactly why fans are so impressed with the track. For a YouTuber known best for creating roleplay content while wearing a mask, “Mask” is a stark contrast — as the tune’s lyrics explore struggles with mental health and the multi-layered meaning of a mask with a permanent smile.

Referencing a perennially positive mask, Dream continues on to explain what purpose that covering serves:

“But the fact is, I can never get off my mattress. And all that they can ask is, ‘why are you so sad, kid? Why are you so sad, kid?’ That’s what the mask is, that’s what the point of the mask is.”

Without diving too deeply into what each of the lyrics means, it’s obvious that this is a track in which Dream reflects upon the contrast between his public-facing persona and his own mental state. And that’s precisely why fans have become so enchanted by the single.

While the YouTuber’s supporters have gotten phrases like “Stream Mask” and “Thank You Dream” trending on Twitter, they’ve also taken to creating fan art attached with heartfelt reactions.

Like LustyPieLita sharing fittingly mattress-based art and calling the song “amazing and deep,” artist ayariiku also thanked Dream for “sharing such a personal song with us.”

As Dream opens up about his own insecurities and shows a new side of his content creation, fans are welcoming him with outstretched arms. Some have hoped this might a step in the direction of a face reveal, but most just appear glad that he’s even talking about the mask at all.