Dream’s face reveal could finally happen in IRL Minecraft Manhunt

An image of youtuber DreamYouTube: Dream

Dream fans could be in for an incredible treat as the Minecraft creator has finally reached his goal after teasing that a real-life version of his fan-favorite manhunts might come to fruition. 

When it comes to Minecraft, Dream has paved a unique space for content creators. Often collaborating with the likes of TommyInnit and GeorgeNotFound, the YouTuber is perhaps most known for his Minecraft Manhunts, that draw in millions of viewers.

If you were sad to learn about Dream’s ‘Final Manhunt’ potentially concluding the series, then fear not, as the content creator is potentially setting his sights on a far bigger project in the future.

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Dream YouTuberYouTube: Dream
Dream has over 25 million subscribers on YouTube and is best known for his Minecraft content.

Dream’s IRL manhunt series in the works

At the beginning of Dream’s ‘Minecraft Speedrunner VS 5 Hunters GRAND FINALE’, he opened the video with the idea of an IRL continuation. However, to make it a reality, the YouTuber has asked for a mighty goal to be completed.

“This is it for all the marbles. The final Minecraft Manhunt. BUT if this video gets 2 million likes, we’ll do a Minecraft manhunt in real life when George comes to America, which is real soon” said the creator.

Dream also said that they’ve “even scouted an area for it” and they “might consider doing 6 hunters” should the video hit its designated goal.

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Dream’s Minecraft Manhunt video reaches 2 million like goal

Just a few days later, Dream’s video has already accrued 2 million likes, prompting major excitement from fans as they await the highly anticipated real-life iteration of his beloved Minecraft series.

Dream Minecraft manhunt likesYouTube: Dream
In just four days, Dream’s Minecraft Manhunt video accrued over 2 million likes.

When the IRL version of the Minecraft Manhunt does take place, it may an opportunity for fans to see who Dream is behind the mask. Until more official details are revealed for Dream’s next project, make sure to stay updated along the way.