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Dream finally fulfils LGBTQIA+ charity promise after fan backlash over lack of streams

Published: 1/Jul/2021 7:47

by Brad Norton


Minecraft star Dream has donated a considerable $140,000 sum to The Trevor Project, a LGBTQIA+ charity, in light of backlash to his lack of streaming throughout the month of June.

After weeks of grabbing headlines with various controversies and trolls, Dream opted to end the month on a high note.

The popular influencer donated $140,000 to The Trevor Project — a charity offering support to LGBTQIA+ young people — though even this good-willed gesture copped a wave of backlash online.

At the very beginning of June, celebrated as Pride Month in the LGBTQIA+ community, Dream made a promise on Twitter. “Any money that I get from subs, donations, bits, or otherwise from streaming this month will go to The Trevor Project.”


However, critics say Dream didn’t live up to his promises.

Prior to the final day of the month, Dream’s main Twitch channel was completely inactive. ‘Dreamwastaken’ remained dormant since May 31. Instead, the streamer took to his secondary account ‘DreamAlt_’, and went live just once in June.

“He has a single two-hour stream on his alt, which has a tenth of his main’s followers and is not linked to his socials,” one person shared on June 30.

“The subs and donations were off for that [two-hour] stream.”

As a result, many argued Dream didn’t live up to his promise and that he had all but forgotten his donation incentive for the month.


With just hours to go, Dream finally went live on his main Twitch channel for a 2.5 hour broadcast.

During this June 30 stream, along with various social media podcasts, he raked in “$20,000 in subs, $60,000 in donations, and over $10,000 in ads.”

$90,000 was raised in total, even with his main account being inactive for 29 out of 30 days. Adding to this, Dream chucked in a further $50,000 before sending the collective sum to The Trevor Project.

“Happy end of Pride Month,” he followed up on Twitter. “I’m glad we were able to raise so much for such an amazing cause.”

Raising close to six figures with just a single stream on his main channel goes to show what could have been raised with regular streams throughout the month, though a $140,000 donation is nothing to scoff at.