Dream and TommyInnit roast each other over YouTube clout

dream with tommyinnit minecraft youtubersYouTube: Dream, Instagram: tommyinnitt

Dream and TommyInnit are two of the biggest Minecraft YouTubers in the world right now, but there seems to be some heated banter over which of them has more clout — with Dream even implying he helped make Tommy as big as he is.

Throughout 2020 and into 2021, many top Minecraft creators have completely blown up, far beyond what many might realize if they’re not involved in the community.

Names such as TommyInnit and Dream are only growing in popularity and consistently putting up millions of views and becoming major names in the space.

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While they’re both uber-successful, it looks like they’re also trying to one-up each other as far as YouTube clout goes — and they both make some pretty convincing arguments in their funny roasts of each other.

TommyInnit wearing minecraft helmet and swordInstagram: tommyinnitt
TommyInnit has become a massive name in Minecraft.

It goes without saying that when it comes purely down to subscriber count, Dream has the upper hand: he’s at around 19m subscribers at the time of writing, almost three times as many as Tommy’s 6.76m.

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After trying to take credit for teaching Tommy how to title his YouTube videos, and by extension fellow creator Ph1LzA, Tommy joked that Dream is trying to “take credit” for someone else’s success.

Dream was quick to bite back, showing off how Tommy’s subscribers and views skyrocketed after he first met Dream.

After Tommy suggested that it is actually Wilbur Soot who helps him the most, Dream went back and looked at how Tommy’s channel grew after meeting Wilbur. Needless to say, it doesn’t look quite as impressive.

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Things seemed to take a more serious turn, when Tommy suggested Dream was “very upset” by the whole ordeal, and what looked like jokes may have had more serious undertones.

Of course, not wanting to cause any actual drama, the two made sure to be clear that it wasn’t too serious, settling the beef and explaining that it’s “just jokes.”

Whether it really was all jokes seems questionable; it did seem to turn a bit more sour, but there doesn’t seem to be much bad blood between the two (if any at all).

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Looking at the bigger picture, these two are both incredibly successful and riding a huge wave right now, and being friends is far more mutually beneficial than having a public Twitter spat would be to either party.

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