Dream addresses drama with Quackity after Minecraft SMP announcement

YouTubers Dream and Quackity

YouTube star Dream has addressed the drama between the recently announced USMP and QSMP Minecraft servers.

The Dream SMP was undoubtedly one of the biggest groups of content creators we’ve seen in Minecraft, if not the entire internet at one point in time.

While the original SMP may be in the past, Dream has now launched a new project. On April 3, the YouTuber announced the United SMP server, the first multi-language SMP bringing together 60 content creators across six languages.

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The same day Quackity too had an announcement — revealing his own multi-lingual server QSMP, featuring 16 creators and real-time live translation for viewers. Dream has now spoken out after drama sparked as the two servers clash with each one other.

Dream addresses drama with Quackity

The YouTube star addressed the situation in an April 10 tweet — revealing that the two worked on their own projects privately at the same time, which accidentally clashed.

“For any of you confused about the USMP / QSMP ‘drama’, Quackity & I worked on the same thing accidentally and kept it private like most projects & they accidentally clashed with each other because of it,” he wrote.

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“I have absolutely no hard feelings towards Quackity and love him to death.”

Dream continued: “I want to start streaming and playing survival for fun again with friends and that’s the goal.”

“I hate seeing people minimize what Q has done in the gaming space, as even if other people try and build bridges, he broke down the wall to make it possible for them to be built.”

There seems to be no animosity between the two Minecraft stars — with fans now hoping the two new SMPs collab together at some point.

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