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Dr Disrespect shows off more incredible production value for Splitgate Twitch stream

Published: 29/May/2019 1:03 Updated: 29/May/2019 1:22

by Alan Bernal


Twitch streamer DrDisrespect has joined the online craze of Splitgate: Arena Warfare and debuted immersive production value while streaming the exciting new online first-person shooter.

Developer ‘1047 Game’ released their multiplayer shooter on May 24 which blends mechanics as well as gameplay reminiscent of Portal and Halo into one intense experience that players have been loving so far.

Not one to slouch on the production value of his stream, DrDisrespect jumped into the action on his May 28 broadcast which featured a slew of new graphics directly inspired by the disorienting new arena FPS.

DrDisrespect TwitchThe streamer has always had impressive production value, but it’s really been taking off in 2019.

The Doc has been ramping up his stream’s production value in the new year, and is continuing that trend with his time in the Splitgate arena.

During a match, the Two-time was playing with summit1G and Team Solo-Mid’s Viss when he showed off a hilarious transition that puts the Doc right into the action with an impressive portal exit.

His Twitch Chat was raving after seeing the creative transition for the first time, as Doc played it cool and only acknowledged the moment with a signature mustachioed smirk.

DrDisrespect showed similar production value with other games

Fans of the Two-time might remember 2019 as the year that the streamer separated himself from the pack with his commitment of improving his stream.

Though not many of his improvements might not be considered game-changing, they have been adding crucial levels of immersion that add to the overall entertainment value of his daily streams.

People definitely took notice with new scenes at the turn of the new year that showed a futuristic city as a backdrop as well as intricate scenes with different camera angles and intuitive uses for a green screen.

Furthermore, his time pillaging pirates in Sea of Thieves revealed equally hysterical designs that complimented the game’s theme and were greatly appreciated by his fans.

Not many streamers have been able to match the raw entertaining spirit that the Doc brings to streams, much less the impressive production quality of those broadcasts.

With more hyped titles coming throughout the year, it’ll be interesting to see what else the Doc will be cooking up to incorporate in his future streams.


Mr Beast was turned down by Quibi before app went bust

Published: 22/Oct/2020 18:50 Updated: 22/Oct/2020 18:52

by Tanner Pierce


Now that the not-so-popular streaming service Quibi is shutting down after it failed to receive the stardom it once hoped to achieve, some old tweets from the manager of YouTube star Mr Beast may shine some light on a missed opportunity that may have helped it stay afloat.

Over the past year or so, Quibi was thought, at least internally, to have potential to be the next big streaming service that everyone wanted to get their hands on. With large executives who used to work at Disney and big stars attached to the service, there was definitely some merit behind the idea.

Several months later, the service is shutting down, according to company founder Jeffery Katzenberg. After its failure to take off, many aren’t surprised by the news and thought it was only a matter of time before it shut its doors. If some old tweets are to be believed, however, the company once had an opportunity that would have possibly made it successful.

Back in June, Reed Duchscher, the CEO of Night Media and the business manager behind Mr Beast, stated that he and the company attempted to bring the aforementioned YouTuber onto Quibi in the past – but the people behind the service ended up saying no.

Duchscher never expounded on this, so we’ll never know the reason why the company decided to say no to someone as popular as Mr Beast. It’s possible that they never came up with a good idea for a show centered around him, although this is pure speculation and seems rather unlikely.

Regardless of the reasoning behind Quibi’s refusal, it almost certainly would have been beneficial for them. Even though the company had major stars attached to it on the outset, getting someone as popular as Mr Beast – who currently has 45 million subscribers – probably would have helped out at least a little bit.

Of course, hindsight is 20/20, and they more than likely didn’t think it was worth it back then.