Dragon Ball Z voice actors under fire for homophobic audio outtakes

by Virginia Glaze
Dragon Ball FighterZ, Bandai Namco


Voice actor Sean Schemmel, popularly known as the voice of Dragon Ball’s Goku, is coming under fire - as is much of the show’s cast, after leaked audio exposed the crew for making offensive jokes.


Dallas-Fort-Worth based dub company Funimation can’t get out of hot water, following their highly-publicized scandal surrounding sexual harassment allegations against voice actor Vic Mignogna - and now, they’ve got yet another debacle on their hands.

Leaked audio from the Dragon Ball team shows the likes of voice acting giants Chris Sabat, Sean Schemmel, and others reading out Dragon Ball-themed porn scenarios in the booth, which quickly went viral online.


That’s not the worst of it - these leaked files also contain a highly offensive clip of Schemmel repeatedly using a homophobic slur as a joke using Goku’s voice, among other sexist and offensive remarks from the actors of other characters.

However, some fans are claiming that the files are years old - ten years old, in fact, with others arguing that voice actors are allowed to let loose in the booth from time to time - but, despite their sentiments, this leak may not bode well for the franchise.

(Warning: the video below contains offensive material.)


No matter how long ago they were recorded, these leaked voice files could damage Goku’s image as an internationally beloved character, marking a potentially serious stain on Toei Animation’s IP.

With Funimation notably cutting ties with Mignogna (the voice of Dragon Ball’s Broly) due to sexual misconduct, it remains to be seen how both companies will respond to this latest debacle, which began trending on Twitter on August 30.


Both Schemmel and other actors involved with the recordings have yet to publish a public response to the outrage, which has fans debating the morality of the jokes made in the leaked files.

“So apparently Funimation had secret studio recordings where they read DBZ porn and make rape/pedo/incest jokes on official company time?” one user wrote of the scandal. “And this is the company that says it has a standard over ‘Inappropriate Workplace Behavior’ and fired people over it?”


“People are actually getting offended by this?” another argued. “So crude humor is just not allowed anymore? Like i get it, it's wrong but are you guys serious rn?”

Public opinion aside, fans and critics alike are waiting for a forthcoming response from the parties involved - which may or may not affect the franchise moving forward, with many of the actors having voiced multiple projects from movies and video games for the series.