Dr Lupo shares terrifying Uber horror story in the middle of ride

Dr Lupo, Twitch / EcoSafe

Popular Twitch streamer Ben ‘Dr Lupo’ Lupo took to Twitter to share a worrying Uber experience – which was actually happening at that very moment.

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Lupo was on his way to the airport when he suspected his Uber driver of drinking while on the job, as told in a series of Tweets posted on February 1.

“Looks like I get to start another good travel story – I am pretty sure my Uber driver right now has been drinking,” Lupo wrote. “Claimed I put in the wrong address for pickup. Car smells like alcohol. Rolled down the windows immediately when I got in. Is speeding like mad.”

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Despite Lupo having used his GPS to share his pickup address, the driver continued to tell him that he’d given her the wrong location – as well as “eyeballing” him from her rear-view mirror.

“[The driver] has eyeballed me multiple times now via [the rear view mirror],” Lupo continued. “Asked if I need to get to LAX in a hurry, and I said nope. We’re good, plenty of time.”

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Lupo even began to feel carsick and asked the driver to slow down.

The streamer concluded his story by reassuring fans that he was in no mortal danger, writing, “We’re good.”

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Lupo’s Uber nightmare follows his recent partnership with insurance company State Farm, as well as his trip to Australia for the Fortnite Australian Open.

Lupo likewise raised over one million dollars for St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital in 2018, after conducting a 24-hour charity livestream to meet the lofty goal on December 22.