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Dr Lupo destroys Ninja, TimTheTatMan and Trevor May in Roast Battle

Published: 27/Oct/2018 16:04 Updated: 27/Oct/2018 16:06

by Calum Patterson


DrLupo, Ninja and TimTheTatman took to the stage at TwitchCon 2018 for the ‘Roast of TimTheTatman’, although it ended up just being a roast of everyone on the panel.

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DrLupo, usually the more reserved of the group, suddenly become the most savage, ruthlessly roasting everyone on the panel, having prepared some nasty insults.

There was no holding back either, as he took on Twins baseballer and part time streamer Trevor May, saying not only is TimTheTatman a better streamer, he also sells more jerseys than him!

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Things really began to heat up when DrLupo turned his attention to long time collaborator Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins, the most popular streamer on Twitch.


Roasting his dyed hair, his given name and, best of all, the age demographic of Ninja’s subscribers.

“A lot of the people here in front of us are our viewers, which is what amazes me Tyler that you’re up here, because most of your viewers are outside because of the age restriction.”

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DrLupo did eventually focus on the main purpose of the show, roasting TimTheTatman. Starting with ridiculous comparisons of where you might see someone like Tim, including “the rejected member of a lesbian biker gang,” or a “public service announcement about why you should stay in school.”

It was all in jest of course, and Lupo was sure to slip in a “love you Tim”, before finally ceasing fire, to which Tim responds “Do you?!” – clearly shaken by the onslaught of insults he just endured.


You can watch the full uncut version of the roast session of TimTheTatman’s YouTube channel.