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Dr Disrespect’s Midnight Society studio responds to NFT “flipper” tactics

Published: 25/Mar/2022 22:26

by Dylan Horetski


Dr Disrespect’s Midnight Society has responded to NFT flippers by implementing a system that will weed out people who simply want to sell the Founders Pass for profit.

Three months after launching Midnight Society — Dr Disrespects game studio — developers announced their upcoming game currently known as ‘Project Moon.’

The Founders Pass gives a group of 10,000 fans early access to the game, as well as help influence the creation of it. Much to many people’s dismay, it will be made available in the form of an NFT.

Days after the announcement, the studio assured that NFTs on Project Moon aren’t there to make money. And, in a recent blog post, confirmed that they are working to eliminate NFT flippers who only want a Founders Pass in order to make a quick buck.


Midnight Society logo
Midnight Society
The Midnight Society Founders Pass isn’t much to any other game’s season pass, except it gives players a lot more power.

Midnight Society responds to NFT flippers

According to a March 25 blog post, Midnight Society has received over 400,000 applications from fans wanting to purchase the Founders Pass. Mentioning that narrowing it down to 10k will be “one of the hardest things” they’ve ever done, they detailed the type of people they are looking for.

It said: “Our Founders must be a diverse mix of casual and hardcore gamers, developers (both indie and AAA), content creators, and influencers (of all backgrounds) — each with their unique experiences, ideas, and vision, for how Project Moon should be made.”

Extending their message, the studio has made it clear that their process will help eliminate those who just want to collect and flip the passes which would, in turn, hyper-inflate the value of the NFT.


Midnight Society NFT flippers

This message lines up with a comment from the Midnight Society studio heads during a recent AMA. They emphasized to fans that the NFT connected to the Founders Pass was not created as a way to get rich — but as a way to maintain ownership of the product that you purchase.

All in all, they’ve made it clear that their approach to NFTs isn’t to make themselves billionaires — but to commemorate the launch of the game, similar to the  100 Thieves LCS NFT.