Dr Disrespect & TimTheTatman start YouTube reunion stream with perfect CouRage roast

CouRage/Dr Disrespect/TimTheTatman

TimTheTatman has officially been reunited with Dr Disrespect after his switch from Twitch to YouTube streaming, and they started it only they know how: by roasting Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop.

Ever since the Doc was mysteriously banned on Twitch — something he says he now knows the reason behind — he hasn’t been able to play on stream with other Twitch creators.

That means we lost the incredibly popular duo of TimTheTatman and Dr Disrespect, but in Tim’s first stream since switching to YouTube, the two were reunited and took to tearing up Verdansk.

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They were joined by fellow YouTube streamers CouRage and DrLupo, and wasted no time banding together to poke fun at one of their teammates.

TimTheTatman cosplays as dr disrespectTwitter/TimTheTatman
TimTheTatman is officially a YouTube streamer.

Just like the good old days, before they even loaded into Verdansk, Tim and the Doc took to making jokes at CouRage’s expense, acting as though he was just a fan who had somehow got in.

“Hey Lupo and Timmy, who’s this guy in the Discord?” the Doc asked, referencing CouRage. Lupo responded saying that he had “won a competition to play squads with them,” while Tim joked that “YouTube told me to do them a favor and pull him in on the first one, so…”

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Obviously enjoying being able to banter with his friends again on stream, a delighted Doc loudly exclaimed “Lupo! Timmy!” while Tim added that “It feels so good to hear your voice again in my headset right now.”

Timestamp 44:17

Their first game back together didn’t go quite as swimmingly as their banter, somehow finding themselves immediately pitted against the duo of Rated and Aydan, but it just made the stream even funnier.

Fans of these streamers will all have enjoyed seeing them come back together and bantering with each other just like before. And we imagine there’s plenty more to come.

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