Dr Disrespect throws shade at Streamer Awards after missing out on event

dr disrespect streamYouTube: Dr Disrespect

Dr Disrespect wasn’t featured at the popular Streamer Awards that was organized by QTCinderella and Maya Higa, and during a YouTube stream just days after, he threw a little shade at the awards show.

The Streamer Awards proved hugely popular among top streamers and their fans alike, with thousands tuning in to see their favorite winners and nominees across multiple categories.

That said, the awards show wasn’t completely clear of controversy. There was confusion over xQc being snubbed for the Streamer of the Year award, and Sykkuno and Valkyrae both expressed disappointment at their lack of inclusion in certain categories or video packages.

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One notable exclusion from the show was Dr Disrespect, and while this may have been a result of his Twitch ban, he couldn’t miss the opportunity to take a jab at the awards on stream.

the streamer awards logoThe Streamer Awards
The Streamer Awards had its fair share of both love and skepticism.

While much of the conversation in Doc’s stream was centered around his upcoming game, codenamed ‘Project Moon’, and the inclusion of NFTs in it, the Two-Time didn’t let it completely overrun the stream.

Instead, he wanted to make sure his thoughts on the Streamer Awards were known — even though he didn’t say a lot.

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“On this channel, we’re not interested in short-term collaborations just so everyone can forget the next day,” he started. “We’re not interested in creating our own streamer awards show so we can hand it to our best friends. Wrong.”

Timestamp 5:02:32

The Streamer Awards definitely rubbed some creators the wrong way, for various reasons, but Dr Disrespect evidently isn’t letting it play on his mind too much.

That said, it clearly wasn’t something he approved of, so don’t expect him to be hosting his own Streamer Awards in 2023.

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