Dr Disrespect takes shots at Twitch in response to NBA 2K League scuffle - Dexerto

Dr Disrespect takes shots at Twitch in response to NBA 2K League scuffle

Published: 13/Apr/2019 1:01 Updated: 13/Apr/2019 1:03

by Virginia Glaze


Dr Disrespect might be one of the most popular streamers on Twitch, but he’s not one to shy away from criticizing the platform, as seen during his hilarious reaction to a scuffle during the NBA 2K League.

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Two players for the NBA 2K League got involved in an on-stage brawl, after Celtics’ player Albano ‘oFAB’ Thomallari shoved Talon’s Randolph ‘Rando’ Moreno as their teams were exchanging handshakes on April 10.

Dr Disrespect played a clip of the kerfuffle on his stream, giving a humorous response to the matter that had him jokingly taking shots at Twitch in the process.


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“Throwing shade” toward Twitch

“Who’s the stupid director cutting it off, huh?” the Doc bellowed. “…he probably works at Twitch, ‘cause you know, they don’t like controversy, they like very normal… he probably went like, ‘No! Hit the intermission screen!’”

The two-time went on to note how quickly the camera cut away from the fight, and even watched the initial shove several more times for good measure, giving a sly grin in amusement.

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Fights, fines, and suspensions

The scuffle resulted in fines and suspensions for three players involved in the brawl, with both Celtics’ Crossover point guard Albano ‘oFAB’ Thomallari and small forward Ahmed “Mel East” Kasana fined $500 a piece.


Additionally, Thomallari was suspended for one game, as well as Hawks Talon forward Connor “Dat Boy Shotz” – meaning that Shotz will miss the Talon’s matchup against Jazz Gaming on April 19.

The NBA 2K League announced punishments for the players involved in the brawl on April 12, resulting in fines and suspensions for three athletes.

Bad for publicity?

While the players themselves have been largely quiet about the matter via their social media accounts, many fans noted that the clip could provide the League with a good bit of publicity – something that the Doc noted during his good-humored rant on the topic.

“This is the most action you’ve ever gotten for your League and for your channel!” Dr Disrespect joked of the situation.

As if the rumble itself wasn’t shocking enough, the brawl occurred during the Hawk’s first match of the NBA 2K League, kicking off their competitive season with a spicy start that left the esports scene reeling.