Dr Disrespect blows NFL fans away after shock cameo at 49ers training camp

dr disrespect at nfl training49ers, Twitter

San Francisco 49ers have welcomed a very different type of player to their training camp – YouTube streaming star, Dr Disrespect.

The self-professed best video gamer on the planet shocked fans after appearing in a video, uploaded by the NFL team, on August 9.

He can be seen arriving in full costume – just like he has at several sporting events and wrestling shows in the past – before pulling on the famous red jersey.

Dr Disrespect appears at San Francisco 49ers camp

The post has since been retweeted by the YouTube streaming icon, with thousands of fans interacting with the content.

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“The Two Time has reported to the 49ers Camp,” they said.


Dr Disrespect spotted at 49ers training facility

Doc was also pictured by The Athletic reporter David Lombardi in full uniform, who said: “Never a dull day at the 49ers facility. Dr Disrespect in the house.”

Doc highlights from 49ers training

It didn’t take long for the 6ft8 machine to get onto the field – with Barstool Sports reposting an incredible throw from the creator. The clip was originally posted by TheSFNiners.

In the background, you hear a scream of: “Oh wow… Doc’s got a cannon!”

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If you wanted to see him in action again, check this tweet out from the man himself.

“You do the math,” he said.

This isn’t the first time the Two-Time has worked with his team this year, as back in April he announced their selection during the NFL draft on-stage, as they picked running back Tyrion Davis-Price.

Dr Disrespect with Joe Staley

Joe Staley and Doc were also pictured together, posted by NBCS.

Rookies 🤝 Doc

In another heartwarming moment, rookies Drake Jackson and Kalia Davis caught up with the international video game superstar.

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Sourdough Sam gets in on the action

Since then, he’s been spotted with mascot Sourdough Sam and interacting with fans.

Members of the Champions Club – who would usually be tuning into his stream on YouTube – will be glued to their seats waiting for more clubs of him on the field.

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