Dr Disrespect shows up on NBA Finals broadcast in full costume

PUBG n8bit / Arizona Daily Star

Superstar Twitch streamer Dr Disrespect decided to attend Game Two of the 2019 NBA Finals, and he did so dressed in his full character costume.

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Those who follow Dr Disrespect know that he is an avid fan of professional basketball, and is a deep-rooted supporter of the Golden State Warriors, who are facing the Toronto Raptors in this year’s NBA Finals.

Thus, it came as no surprise that the Doc flew out to Toronto to watch his Warriors try to even up the series against the Raptors after having lost the first game. 

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The Doc is also well-known for his eccentric personality and antics, and he’s attended several public events in the past wearing the same costume he does on stream.

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Those who may have thought he wouldn’t do so while attending an NBA Finals game were proven wrong on June 2, as the streamer was seen live on the actual television broadcast wearing his instantly recognizable outfit.

@_STeeLZ_The unmistakable wig, sunglasses, and headset combo of the Doc could be seen at times during the NBA Finals broadcast.
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Wearing his iconic wig, steely sunglasses, gaming headset, branded Kevlar vest, and dressed head-to-toe in a black jumpsuit, the Doc stood out from the crowd like a sore thumb, and even mixed things up a bit with a fashionable blue scarf, in honor of the blue jerseys that the Warriors were wearing that match.

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His decision to sit where he did was actually genius, considering that he was directly within the line of sight of one of the broadcast cameras, and would thus pop up on screen anytime the production decided to switch to that camera.

@ArdaOcalTVDoc threw in a wild card on his outfit by wearing a long blue scarf to the game.

As for why he decided to dress in full costume, only he knows. Before the game, he had mentioned that he was in Toronto for the game, but never hinted that he would be going in as the Doc.

Perhaps the funniest part about the whole thing is trying to imagine what the people sitting next to him were thinking the whole time. Unless they were aware of who the Two-Time was, they must have thought he was some sort of madman or mascot. 

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@Walsh8755Only the Two-Time could go dressed like this to an NBA Finals game and get away with it.

What’s the Doc been up to lately?

As one of the most entertaining streamers on Twitch, it’s always worth keeping tabs on what Dr Disrespect is up to on his streams.

He’s lately been putting in time on the new Battalion 1944 FPS game, although he’s made it clear that he thinks the game is flawed, even throwing shade at fellow Twitch star Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek for praising the game.

It’s not clear when the Two-Time will go live again after his Toronto trip, although it’s unlikely to be anytime later than Tuesday, June 4.