Dr Disrespect shares hilarious reaction to Doctober Halloween costumes

Twitch star Dr Disrespect selected the winner for his ‘Doctober’ Halloween costume contest, and shared his hilarious reaction to several of them – including a canine that looked identical to the Two-Time himself.

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Dr Disrespect is one of the most popular personalities on Twitch with over 3.7 million followers – the streamer’s explosive personality and high-production streams has amassed him a large following.

To celebrate Halloween this year, the Twitch star had fans send him pictures of their best Dr Disrespect costumes for his ‘Doctober’ contest, and his community delivered in a big way as Doc had fun reacting to the creative submissions during his November 1 stream.

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Twitter: @drdisrespectDoc is one of the most popular channels on Twitch with over 3.7 million followers.
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Dr Disrespect’s hilarious reactions to ‘Doctober’ submissions

One fan submitted a photo of their pooch on Twitter dawning the Twitch stars iconic mustache and sunglasses, calling the costume “Dog-tor Disrespect”. The streamer took notice during his broadcast, and hilariously created the voice for the dog.

“Ooh! My name is Dogtor Disrespect!” he said, before he began to start howling like the pet. The Twitch star hilariously incorporated his iconic “YAYAYAYAYAYA!” in his impression, but used barks instead.

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Another entrant into the contest recreated Doc’s infamous E3 moment when the Twitch star accidentally filmed in the public bathroom of the gaming convention, which netted him a multi-week suspension from the streaming platform. 

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The fan dressed up as the streamer, holding his chest piece, while someone in the background stood at a urinal. Not too amused by it, the Two-Time said “Knock it off!” before he shook his head and yelled one more time, “Knock it off!”

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Doc picks a Doctober winner

Doc posted on Twitter that the winner was a Twitter user by the name of ‘FiveTimeDad’. The entry that won was a father who looked identical to the streamer himself, and even included him holding the Twitch star’s G FUEL shaker cup.

The father of five wholesomely posed with his children, who also had some incredible Fortnite costumes. “Congratulations. Firm handshakes to everyone involved!” Dr Disrespect tweeted, giving the winning fan a shout out. 

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As of the time of this article, Dr Disrespect continues to live up to his slogan “Violence. Speed. Momentum” as he continues to crush it on the streaming platform, quickly approaching 4 million followers in 2019.

The popular Twitch personality consistently pulls in thousands of viewers a stream, and has amassed a loyal fan base which is shown by the thousands of fans that entered his contest, and represented Doc this Halloween.