Dr Disrespect sends GMHikaru a gift after Twitch banned chess streamer for watching him

Dr Disrespect responds to Hikaru's twitch banInstagram/gmhikaru/Drdisrespect

Dr Disrespect is promising to send GMHikaru a special gift after the chess streamer was hit with a three-day ban for watching him during a live broadcast.

TSM’s chess sensation Hikaru ‘GMHikaru’ Nakamura’s decision to watch Dr Disrespect stream chess proved to be a costly one.

Doc’s Twitch ban is still shrouded in mystery, but on March 10, the streamer revealed he had settled his lawsuit with the platform. This confused many, who assumed that it was now fine to play or interact with the two-time on Twitch.

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On March 16, Hikaru tuned into the infamously banned streamer’s YouTube broadcast where he played chess against Dr Lupo, but found himself banned days later. Now, Doc himself is stepping in to gift Hikaru an apology present.

Dr Disrespect responds to GMHikaru’s Twitch ban

After being banned, Hikaru explained that he was under the impression that he was okay to stream Dr Disrespect’s content after he settled things with the site.

“The Doc tweeted that things are settled with Twitch… guess he was wrong. See everyone in 3 days,” he said.

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Normally, streaming with Doc would be a big no-no for streamers, as Twitch’s guidelines state it’s “prohibited to use your channel to knowingly feature or advertise a suspended user.” However, it makes sense that some may have taken Doc’s lawsuit to mean it was now okay.

In any case, the two-time himself responded to Hikaru and told him that a bottle of Black Steel Bourbon was coming his way.

Doc has teased his bourbon before, notably saying he wanted to start a bourbon business as part of his 2022 New Years’ resolutions, which amusingly also included receiving a massive payment from Twitch.

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It’s not clear when the company will launch or if Doc has secretly created his own bourbon on the side, but at least it’s nice to see the legendary YouTuber reach out to Hikaru following his first-ever suspension.

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