Dr Disrespect says Mixer “would still be around” if he accepted their offer

Michael Gwilliam
Dr Disrespect on Mixer

Legendary streamer Dr Disrespect is claiming that former Twitch rival Mixer would still be around if he had accepted an offer on the table to jump ship.

Prior to his mysterious permanent ban on Twitch, Dr Disrespect was one of the biggest names on the Amazon-owned platform. Before YouTube was out signing big name streamers such as TimTheTatman, Microsoft was making moves.

Notably, before its demise, Mixer had signed both Ninja and shroud, earning both a big payday before the site closed up shop.

However, according to Dr Disrespect, the rival platform would still be alive today if he and his Champions Club followers had jumped ship and signed when he had a chance.

Dr Disrespect says Mixer almost signed him

Speaking to his chat during a December 5 YouTube broadcast, the two-time pondered how Mixer had failed, despite being similar to Twitch and acquiring two of the biggest streamers at the time.

“They almost got me, but it just wasn’t enough,” he laughed. “Coulda, woulda… sh*t.”

While it’s unclear if Doc misspoke or let loose more information than he should have, especially as he plans to sue Twitch over his ban, the 6’8 gaming juggernaut then revealed that Mixer could have still been around.

Dr Disrespect 2022 goal
Could Dr Disrespect get unbanned from Twitch in 2022?

“I’m going to make a statement: If we went over to Mixer, champs, I’m talking to You, Champions Club and the two-time, Mixer would still be around,” he claimed.

Without knowing what was going on behind the scenes, it’s difficult to say for certain if Doc’s presence on the platform would have guaranteed its survival or if the two-time was just hyping himself up.

It will be interesting to see if Mixer factored into Doc’s feud with Twitch, especially as he stated getting unbanned from Twitch and receiving a massive payment was part of his goals for 2022.