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Dr Disrespect roasts TimTheTatman’s Twitch stream with hilarious video

Published: 19/Sep/2020 1:30

by Brent Koepp


Popular streamer Dr Disrespect hilariously roasted Timothy ‘TimTheTatman’ Betar in a September 18 tweet. The Two-Time Champion took the Twitch personality to task for his overly excessive use of the word “bro.”

Dr Disrespect continues to be one of the most watched streamers in the world, pulling in thousands of viewers a broadcast. His move to YouTube in August has been wildly successful, with the personality already teaming up with stars like PewDiePie and rapper Snoop Dogg.

Though Doc’s mustache might be legendary, so are his hilarious “feuds” with friends. The Two-Time went viral when he jokingly compiled footage of Twitch streamer TimTheTatman, and roasted him for his repetitive use of “bro” in broadcasts.

timthetatman drdisrespect
YouTube: Dr Disrespect
The two streamers have a friendly rivalry roasting each other.

Dr Disrespect roasts TimTheTatman

Dr Disrespect knows how to have a friendly rivalry – whether that’s roasting Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek’s infamous beard, or taking jabs at TimTheTatman. However, Doc and Betar have had a long-running back and forth that is absolutely hilarious.

On September 18, he raised the stakes in their friendly feud and called the Twitch star out for his excessive use of “bro” during broadcasts. “Just from the first 5 minutes of your intro timthetatman,” his tweet read.

The YouTube streamer included a compilation video of Tim that showed him using the word “bro” over and over again in a short span of time: “Bro. Bro what’s going on? Here’s the thing, bro. Like you’re in Europe, bro!”

Taking the roast in stride, Tim had the perfect response for Doc and simply said “Bro?”. The duo’s back and forth exploded on social media with over 396k people watching the video. The post also attracted many “bro” replies.

timthetatman tweet bro

This isn’t the first time the Two-Time has taken a jab at his friend. Back in May, he mocked the streamer’s “dream jeep” for having a stepladder on the driver’s side door. “Timmy Tater’s car looks like what happens when you let a seven-year-old kid makes his own car!” he joked.

It should be stated that the two are great friends in real life, and their rivalry is always in good fun. Doc just can’t resist giving the Twitch personality a little jab any chance he gets – he does live by his motto of violence, speed and momentum, after all.

All jokes aside, Dr Disrespect continues to crush it since making YouTube his new home. The content creator continuously pulls in 70k to 100k viewers each time he goes live, and his return to streaming was a major event where over 500k people tuned in.

Call of Duty

Small Warzone streamer gets 3 million Twitch followers overnight

Published: 31/Oct/2020 13:26

by Connor Bennett


A Warzone streamer has been thrust into the top 30 of most followed Twitch streamers after receiving a huge, and unusual, boost in one go. 

Building up a following and community on Twitch can, obviously, be a slog if you’re starting from scratch. Streamers can stream for weeks and months on end without even having their talents recognized and blow up in popularity like others. 

Some others can take shortcuts, be it because they have a following on another platform, or because they decide to inflate it with fake accounts. 

This has happened before, with casino accounts smashing records in a bid to advertise their platform, while smaller streamers have been hit with huge boosts in an attempt to troll them for one reason or another. 

Screenshot showing the fastest growing Twitch streamers for October
Screenshot via TwitchMetrics
NeonSniperPanda has become the fastest growing streamer for October.

Warzone streamer NeonSniperPanda has become the newest content creator to be struck by these boosts, as his channel has rocketed into the top 30 of most-followed Twitch streamers. 

The streamer, who had previously built up a modest following of nearly 10,500, received the unusual boost in early October, jumping up to over 3.3 million followers. 

As previously mentioned, this figure puts him up there with some of Twitch’s biggest names like Fortnite World Cup champion Bugha and Spanish content creator Ibai, though, NeonSniperPanda hasn’t inflated the figures himself. 

Screenshot showing Twitch channel and their followers
Screenshot via TwitchMetrics
NeonSniperPanda jumped up over 3.3 million followers on Twitch.

The Warzone streamer has called on Twitch a number of times to help him out, noting that he’d been botted out of the blue and given the ridiculous amount of followers.

“Yo quick reminder, I was follow botted 3.3 million and there’s no way to delete them @TwitchSupport @Twitch can you help me out bro bro,” he tweeted. 

Previously, the aileybeanssa channel had been hit with a similar botting, as they rose up to have over 4.64 million Twitch followers in September. However, those figures have since been removed. 

Given that Twitch has been able to scrub channels of botted followers, they should be able to do the same for NeonSniperPanda, but it remains to be seen as and when they might do so.