Dr Disrespect roasts TimTheTatman’s new “dream” Jeep

David Purcell
Dr Disrespect / TimTheTatman

Dr Disrespect is not one to hide his opinions on Twitch, even when other big streamers are involved, and Timothy ‘TimTheTatman’ Betar revealing his brand new Jeep Gladiator wasn’t going to go without comment. 

The Two-Time showcased his fellow streamer’s YouTube video for a few moments during his May 25 stream, and – as you would expect – wasted little time before making a few jokes about the brand new set of wheels.

For those who don’t know already, the Doc cruises around in a Lamborghini Aventador in his spare time, and tries his best to steal the show every time he goes live on Twitch, where his channel has over 4.3 million followers.

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Dr Disrespect, YouTube
Dr Disrespect once arrived at the Call of Duty World League Championship in his Lambo.

However, it wasn’t him that stole the show during the broadcast, but rather a feature Tim revealed for his new ride. Those who know their stuff where cars are concerned will recognize the dropdown step that springs into action when opening a door of the Gladiator, but when it popped up during the streamer’s video, he said he wouldn’t need it to hop inside.

As he swiftly started to show off other design features of the Jeep, Doc’s interest peaked with the step – wondering whether or not he actually would need it to enter. “When does he get in this Jeep? Question is, when he gets in this Jeep will he use the step and not know it” he said. So, he fast-forwarded a little bit to get the answer.

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Waiting on eagerly, to see if he actually did need it, even members of the Champions Club lined up some jokes in the meantime.

Seconds later, Tim stepped into the car and – of course – used the step he claimed he didn’t need, and Doc burst out laughing. He added: “Ohhhh Timmy! He didn’t even know!”

After that, Dr Disrespect and viewers started to joke about the streamer’s new car, repeating a joke from a donator and calling it a “dream” vehicle to own. The joke said: “Timmy tater’s car looks like what happens when you let a seven-year-old kid makes his own car.”

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Doc made sure viewers never missed it the funny moment, repeating it for good measure as the ‘people in the back’ might not have heard it the first time around.

One thing people should know by now is that these two are always going back and forth on social media, with roasts aplenty. Hopefully, for everyone’s sake, this isn’t the last of them.