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Dr Disrespect roasts TimTheTatman with hilarious WoW sketch

Published: 1/May/2020 8:26 Updated: 1/May/2020 8:43

by Andrew Amos


Dr Disrespect has killed two birds with one stone, somehow managing to roast both fellow Twitch streamer Tim ‘TimTheTatman’ Betar and World of Warcraft in one hilarious and highly-produced sketch.

Violence. Speed. Momentum. It’s the catchphrase that the two-time is known for. He lives by it. Games like Valorant are too slow for him. He needs to get the adrenaline kick of running around and taking names.


When he’s in the open fields of Warzone, PUBG, or whatever FPS is taking his fancy ⁠— he can do just that. However, there’s some games ⁠— and players ⁠— that zaps the Doc’s energy.

He managed combine two of them, World of Warcraft and TimTheTatman, after the latter called the streamer “f**king trash.” At least, that’s what messenger ‘JoshOG’ claimed.


“I was just playing with Tim, and he told me to tell you something,” he said. “He said ‘you’re f**king trash.’ Don’t shoot the messenger though. I don’t think that, but Timmy Tenders told me to tell you that.”

However, the two-time didn’t let it faze him. Instead, he bottled it up, and let out an all-out assault on Tim’s mechanical skill.

“Timmy’s gotta be the worst gamer out there huh,” he said. “I feel like anyone who is watching Timmy, they’re not watching him for the gameplay, they like his tattoos. And that’s it.”


After pondering it though, he eventually declared his initial judgment was right. However, he didn’t just target Tim’s Warzone skills like Josh alluded too ⁠— he attacked Blizzard’s cult-favorite MMORPG World of Warcraft.

“I don’t know how good he is in World of Warcraft, and I don’t even get that game,” he said in a rant. “There’s fucking magical dragon spirits flying across the screen. There’s castles that are exploding and earthquakes happening and lava comes through and there’s lightning strikes from the clouds above,” he said.

“I have no idea what’s going on in that game, and I feel like Timmy sucks at that game too.”


It’s fair to say that the Doc got the better of Tim on this one, but we all know Tim can rant it like the best of them at times, so he might have a response in-hand in his next stream.


Thomas Petrou slams Bryce Hall’s accusations of stealing from Hype House

Published: 9/Oct/2020 1:00

by Virginia Glaze


TikTok stars Thomas Petrou and Bryce Hall have sparked quite the feud after Hall accused Petrou — co-founder of the Hype House — of stealing money from his own content creators.

It’s no secret that the Hype House and the Sway House aren’t on friendly terms, with the two getting into a fierce beef throughout this past year (remember that time the Sway boys drove to the Hype House to confront Chase Hudson?).


While Hall has confirmed that their feud with the Hype House is definitely real, it seems that he’s going “full send” on his distaste for the group by accusing co-founder Thomas Petrou of outright stealing money from the HH’s content creators.

During an interview with Tom Ward on October 8, Hall made some serious claims about Petrou’s business practices, stating that he’d “stolen” money from the TikTokers working underneath the content collective.


“I’ll say it — he steals money,” Hall stated. “He steals money from those kids. These kids are — I love a lot of people in the Hype House, but they are not the smartest people. …maybe not now, because I haven’t talked to them in four or five months, and maybe somebody said something to him, but he, at the beginning, was stealing money for sure.”

(Topic begins at 37:00)


Hall’s claims didn’t go unnoticed; Petrou responded to the accusations shortly thereafter, denying having ever stolen money from those in the Hype House in a pointed Instagram reply on a tea page.

“That’s a complete lie,” he wrote. “I’ve never taken a percentage of anyone in the Hype House. Ask everyone who’s a part of it. The whole reason I started this was to help the people around me make sure they weren’t getting taken advantage of by their managers and agents.”

Thomas Petrou denies Bryce Hall's allegations of stealing money from Hype House creators.

This isn’t the first time Hall has struck out at Petrou in recent days, either; the Sway House TikToker also slammed Thomas’s spending habits, claiming that he “spends his money like an idiot” on pricey cars instead of saving up wisely.


For now, it doesn’t look like there’s any love lost between these two social media stars as things continue to escalate between two of TikTok’s biggest creators.