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Entertainment • May 31, 2019

Dr Disrespect receives the perfect gift

Dr Disrespect receives the perfect gift
Screengrab via Twitch

Popular Twitch streamer Dr Disrepect was blown away by one fan’s incredible hand-made gift that encapsulated his complete gimmick.

Dr Disrespect is one of the most entertaining personalities on Twitch and has turned his daily streams into a loyal following of fans. He has racked up over three million followers on the livestreaming platform, with a regular number of viewers dropping donations on his broadcast.

However, during his May 30 stream, it wasn’t a huge donation that blew him away - or even a fans heart-felt appreciation letter. The Doc was taken back by one viewers hard-work to create his own action figure-like set.

The Doc is one of the faces of Twitch.

“Is that me?” the streamer asked, after opening up a large package from his fan mail pile. Surprised by just how good the gift was, the Doc was almost lost for words. “The Two-Time! And the Lamborghini?” he asked, as he tried to catch every little detail of the impressive set.

He continued: “Look at this thing! Look at this,” impressed by just how well made the whole set was. The Two-Time immediately begun rattling off his signature lines as he caught them engraved on the box. “Look at that, woo!” added the Doc, with a smile plastered across his face, as he showed the full gift to his viewers.

The Doc even showed that the fan-made present came complete in its own unique gift packaging that had his logo and quotes dotted all over - giving it an authentic action figure set feel.

Thankfully for the streamer, there was a name he could give recognition to. The gift had traveled all the way from New Zeland, thanks to the hard work of a fan named only as Aidan.

As ever, the streamer offered up his firm handshake and thanks for the overwhelmingly impressive gift that clearly made his day. Some streamers may have been moved to tears but, thankfully for the Doc, those prototype Google Glasses allowed him to maintain composure.

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