Dr Disrespect mocks new stream features announced at TwitchCon EU in epic roast - Dexerto

Dr Disrespect mocks new stream features announced at TwitchCon EU in epic roast

Published: 15/Apr/2019 20:20 Updated: 15/Apr/2019 21:48

by Eli Becht


Twitch streamer Dr Disrespect mocked all of Twitch’s big announcements during TwitchCon Europe 2019.

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Dr Disrespect opinions are mostly targeted at things in the video game world but this time he took aim at Twitch following the announcement of new features.

During TwitchCon Europe, Twitch unveiled a plethora of new features including a way to sort by viewers on streams, quicker payouts for streamers, a better search function and more.

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These were features that have been asked for quite some time, especially the ability to sort by high-to-low on streams and vice-verse, but Dr Disrespect didn’t seem very interested in these updates.


At the beginning of his stream on April 15, the Doc reacted to the news of all these features and seemed like he was mocking the new features.

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Doc isn’t impressed with Twitch’s new offerings

In the above clip, you can see Dr Disrespect looking at the news that viewers will now be able to sort through streams and him seemingly making fun of Twitch.

“Oh my god!” he yells. “It’s revolutionary! I’ve never seen anything like it!”

If you thought it was just this particular feature he wasn’t impressed with – nope, he seemed to react the same way to everything.

Doc chuckled when he read the payouts were being moved up and shook his head when he finished reading all of the announcements.


Twitch is still far ahead of the competition

Despite his apparent disappointment, Dr Disrespect is still one of the biggest streamers on Twitch and it’s hard to ignore how Twitch has pretty much dominated the landscape.

Mixer, YouTube, Facebook and other platforms have looked to challenge Twitch in the livestreaming sphere but so far have not really been able to pose much of a threat.

While Doc wasn’t impressed with the news, there is certainly a lot of excitement among fans who were waiting for these changes.