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Dr Disrespect looks back at one his greatest YouTube videos from 2012

Published: 28/Nov/2019 17:31

by Albert Petrosyan


Legendary Twitch streamer Dr Disrespect decided to take a stroll down memory lane during one of his recent streams and watch one of his old great YouTube videos from the days of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

Although Dr Disrespect’s rise to supreme prominence on Twitch has taken place over the past few years, he has been around the content creation community for much longer than that.

A quick scroll through the depths of his YouTube page reveals videos that date all the way back to nine years ago, and while the visual quality of the content has greatly improved since then, his personality and demeanor have largely stayed the same.

The Doc back then was similar to how he is today, equipped with his iconic steely black sunglasses, perfectly shaped mustache, and confidence that borders on playful arrogance.

Reminiscing about those days while playing the 2019 iteration of Modern Warfare, he turned back the clock and watched one of his iconic videos live on stream with his viewers.

Dr Disrespect - YouTubeThe Doc’s iconic persona has been the same for the past nine years and counting.

The video he chose is called ‘Dr Disrespect: Bleeding Scar | MW3,’ a montage of his Modern Warfare 3 gameplay from 2012. It starts off with a scene featuring himself and Randy, who made frequent appearances in those early videos as an apprentice of sorts that the Doc mentors.

In the scene, the Two-Time warns Randy to be careful when attempting to impersonate him, telling a story about his cutthroat youth. After a playful back-and-forth, the video cuts to the MW3 gameplay, which he narrates from start to finish instead of playing music like most other montages.

Throughout the video, the current-day Doc who was watching it on stream kept making facial expressions for every tense moment and couldn’t help but smile once the scene with him and Randy ended.

“I’m so ahead of my time,” he said, smiling and bobbing his head to the iconic MW3 music.

For those interested in watching the full video, we’ve included it below for your convenience. There are many videos like this on Doc’s official YouTube channel, although you definitely will have to scroll a good way down to find them at this point.

If these videos prove one thing it’s that there might not be anyone in the content creation sphere that puts in more effort and dedication towards their craft than Dr Disrespect.

It’s been nine years since the Two-Time began publishing these videos on YouTube and yet his on-screen character has remained almost identical in terms of personality and appearance.

Seeing stuff like this really makes it even less of a surprise that he has been named Streamer of the Year two of the past three years at the Esports Awards, and he’ll definitely be in the running to win again for many years to come.

Call of Duty

NICKMERCS creates deadly RAM-7 Warzone loadout for all ranges

Published: 24/Jan/2021 16:28

by Connor Bennett


Twitch and YouTube star Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff has shown off his pretty interesting Ram-7 loadout for Warzone as players have started experimenting with different weapons. 

Ever since Warzone released, players have constantly fiddled around with their loadouts to try and get something that works for their playstyle but also keeps up with the ever-changing meta. 

With the switch to Black Ops Cold War, the meta has somewhat shifted away from the original weapons in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, but some players have been going back to them – especially in terms of the assault rifles. 

We’ve seen new classes for the M4, the Kilo 141, as well as Amax CR-56, but now NICKMERCS has been trying out the Ram-7 again, and he’s got a pretty spicy class. 

Warzone RAM-7 Gunsmith screen
Infinity Ward
The RAM-7 can be tough to control without the right attachments.

As Nick notes, the Ram-7 was, at one point, the strongest assault rifle in Warzone but updates saw it displaced by others. Yet, it’s still pretty nice in terms of the damage it deals and not being incredibly slow to carry. 

“It’s a very, very strong assault rifle, but it’s kind of hard to control the recoil at distance,” Nick said. “I’ll be honest man, I had never used the Ram-7 ironsight in Warzone… this things slaps.”

With his setup, Nick has boosted the accuracy, range, and control somewhat, but the mobility does take a hit.

  • Muzzle: Monolithic Suppressor
  • Barrel: FSS Ranger
  • Underbarrel: Commando Foregrip
  • Ammo: 50-round mags
  • Rear Grip: Stippled Grip Tape

Now, whether or not the weapon will displace some others and cement its place in the meta is anyone guess. However, it’s still not as quick as weapons like the FFAR and Mac-10, so it might take another round of nerfs and buffs to really get the Ram-7 up there. 

Yet, Nick’s setup is a pretty nice close to mid-range setup, and worth messing around with if you’re looking for something new.