Dr Disrespect lashes out at YouTube Gaming: “They don’t support us one bit”

Dr Disrespect YouTube Gaming logoYouTube: Dr Disrespect

Streaming giant Dr Disrespect has spoken out against YouTube Gaming. In an angry tweet, the Doc claimed that he had “unfollowed” the platform due to a lack of recognition for his work. 

Dr Disrespect has never confirmed why he was mysteriously banned from Twitch back in June 2020. Yet, he didn’t let the drama get in the way of his streaming career as he set his sights on YouTube.

With 3.9 million subscribers on the Google-owned platform, Dr Disrespect has firmly established himself as one of YouTube’s leading creators.

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However, the Doc has now lashed out at YouTube Gaming. The Two-Time claimed that a lack of recognition from YouTube for himself, as well as his fellow creators, was enough to make him “unfollow” the platform.

Dr Disrespect poses like hulk hoganYouTube: DrDisrespect
Dr Disrespect has previously slammed YouTube for failing to support its creators.

Dr Disrespect slams YouTube Gaming

Dr Disrespect previously slated YouTube Gaming back in March 2022 for an alleged lack of support and recognition it showed towards his work. Even though, as he claimed, he put the platform “on the map.

The Doc brought up the topic once again in a fiery tweet on May 2, in which he called out the platform for not only failing to provide him with any public recognition, but his fellow YouTubers also.

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“I had to unfollow YouTube Gaming. They don’t support us one bit. Why would I support them,” the Doc claimed. “Such a phony industry I’m in.”

It’s not clear if anything, in particular, prompted Dr Disrespect’s tweet. Although, fans pointed out that his comment comes after streamer Sykkuno announced that he was leaving Twitch for YouTube.

Several of the Doc’s followers echoed his views, calling on YouTube to show their support. One fan argued that YouTube should be “fighting for” creators as well as their audiences who bring in the views.

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Dr Disrespect has built an incredible career on YouTube, despite not having an official contract with the platform. Yet, with fans claiming he hasn’t even been publicly recognized by the platform since July 2021, he is clearly becoming increasingly frustrated with YouTube.