Dr Disrespect is BACK but NOT Exclusive to YouTube

The 1993/1994 Blockbuster Video Game Champion is back streaming on YouTube and the streaming world couldn’t be more excited following a month and a half absence!

Guy Beahm first started uploading videos featuring Dr Disrespect back in 2010, but only turned his attention to streaming full time in late 2015 after quitting his job with Sledgehammer Games as a map designer.

After being unceremoniously removed from Twitch in late June 2020, for reasons that are still unknown, the owner of the Champions Club is back in black and slicker than ever, but this time he’s streaming on a different platform, YouTube, back where his journey first began. Mike Kent looks into what that means for the Doc, and provides an update from his publicist that reveals that he has no exclusivity deal with YouTube, and instead he’ll be potentially using other platforms such as Facebook Gaming, as well as hosting on his own website, ChampionsClub.gg.

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