Dr Disrespect mocks xQc and LIRIK after TwitchCon meetups - Dexerto

Dr Disrespect mocks xQc and LIRIK after TwitchCon meetups

Published: 29/Sep/2019 15:06 Updated: 29/Sep/2019 16:04

by Daniel Cleary


Popular Twitch star Guy ‘Dr Disrespect’ Beahm roasted his fellow streamers Félix ‘xQc’ Lengyel and Saqib ‘LIRIK‘ Zahid after meeting at TwitchCon 2019.

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TwitchCon often sees collaborations between some of the top content creators on Amazon’s livestreaming platform such as the Twitch Rivals tournaments with some of the most popular streamers competing.

However, Dr Disrespect took the opportunity of being surrounded by Twitch’s biggest stars in a different manner and chose to throw some jabs at his fellow streamers after meeting them in person.

youtube:drdisrespectDr Disrespect has a track record of antics at conventions.
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The Doc managed to get pictures with some of the popular Twitch streamers who were in attendance in San Diego while he was roaming the floor of TwitchCon 2019 such as former Overwatch pro xQc.


Dr Disrespect later posted a photo of him and xQc, with a classic Doc caption, mocking the Canadian. “This ugly lookin hot shot thinks he’s got the eye/hand coordination to keep up,” The Doc expressed, “You Ain’t nothin xQc, your agent owes me money for the pic and time spent.”

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LIRIK, who has often matched up with and against the Two-Time on PUBG, was also on the Doc’s list of targets to be roasted after meeting him at the GFUEL booth in TwitchCon. 

Dr Disrespect joked that he thought his fellow streamer was a sales rep at the energy drink’s booth when they got their picture taken, “LIRIK you caught me off guard you son of a… I thought you were a Gfuel sales rep.”


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Dr Disrespect was also victim to the TwitchCon meetings though, as TimTheTatman gave Doc a taste of his own medicine by labeling him a “fan” when the pair met up.

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Dr Disrespect did not let Tim’s roast go unanswered, however, later responding to one of Cloakzy’s posts with TimTheTatman and Fortnite pro 72Hrs implying that they were not as tough as him.

TwitchCon has already seen some highly entertaining moments from some of the biggest streamers on the platform, such as Tyler1 and Yassuo’s hilarious “fight” during a Twitch Rivals interview.


Some of the other popular creators even recorded their interactions meeting some of their fellow stars, as was seen with xQc and Tyler1’s comedic exchange.