Dr Disrespect has hilarious response after strange Hasan fight suggestion

Andrew Amos
Dr Disrespect hilarious response strange Hasan Piker fight request
YouTube: Dr Disrespect / Instagram: Hasan Piker

Dr Disrespect is jacked, and seeing him in a boxing ring would be a sight to see. He might be the only one capable of beating Jake Paul. However, after someone in his chat asked him about fighting Hasan Piker, he shut down the Twitch star, big time.

Influencer fights are the rage nowadays, and ⁠— let’s face it ⁠— Dr Disrespect would definitely be the best. The 6’8” mammoth of a gamer would have the violence, speed, and momentum to topple everyone.

However, like many of the social media stars getting into the ring, he’d actually want to fight someone worth his time. But Hasan Piker? Dr. Disrespect doesn’t have time for that; after being asked on a recent YouTube stream about whether he’d be down to fight the Twitch sensation, he only had one word for his ‘rival’.

“Hasan Piker would be hard to fight since he has a small head so he’s hard to hit,” the donation read.

“Who?”, the Two-Time replied.

The related segment begins at 56:43.

Now, getting down to it, Hasan is allegedly 6’3”. Doc certainly has a few inches on his Twitch compatriot, and given how much time he spends in that gym of his, you’d expect he’d have the muscle too.

It seems unlikely the two would ever step into a boxing ring. But perhaps a Warzone server to face off? That can be organized. In fact, it’s already happened.

Despite his plaudits as a Two-Time video game world champion, Dr Disrespect was no match for the Pausing Piker, who handed him a big L.

“I almost f**king killed him. F**k! That sucks so much a**. I downed Dr. Disrespect. F**k yeah dude. What a f**king noob. Dr. Disrespect you’re a f**king b*tch bro,” Piker said in celebration after getting the frag.

It’s currently 1-0 to Hasan, but that could easily change in the ring.